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Turkcorps duration to launch a new start-up is on average 4-6 months quicker than other in-house codes developed! Don't forget we don't clone other products we build your product from scratch and deliver.

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We aim to expand our business to Europe by the end of 2024 Q4.

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Overcoming the challenge of security, high liquidity, robust trade engine, ease of access, banking partnerships for fiat ease & use of application. Gaining licenses throughout Turkey and The United Arab Emirates.


Turkcorp enpartners many powerhouse technology and legal teams throughout the globe. With a build time of roughly 9 months we were able to build a in-house custom code Crypto Exchange from the ground zero with Banking Integration and everything else needed.

Why Cebim is the future of DeFi and Privacy


Users face significant challenges regarding privacy and security. Traditional financial tools often lack the necessary measures to protect user data and assets in a decentralized environment. Additionally, accessing DeFi platforms and executing transactions efficiently while maintaining security has been a major hurdle.


Cebim wallet addresses these issues with advanced security features and privacy protections. Highlights include:

  1. Enhanced Security: Cebim uses top-tier security protocols to safeguard user data and transactions.
  2. Integrated DApps and Browser: Users can access decentralized exchanges directly within Cebim, streamlining their DeFi interactions.
  3. Easy Swap Engine: The wallet’s swap engine connects with multiple liquidity aggregators for efficient, multi-chain transactions.


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