Turkcorps Power Program for Startups

Exclusive startup benefits to help you set up bank accounts, credit cards, payments, and accounting all in Turkey.

Benefits of Turkcorp backed Startup Companies.

At Turkcorp, we're complete addicts for startups! There's nothing more thrilling to us than the adrenaline rush of launching a new product. We live for the excitement of turning visionary ideas into reality. When you team up with us, you're tapping into more than just resources and financial backing—you're joining a family of passionate innovators.

Our legal consulting will guide you through complex regulations like a breeze, and our expansive network opens up a world of opportunities with top-tier clientele. Thinking of going global? We specialize in setting up shop across borders, handling everything from bank relations to company incorporations.

With Turkcorp, your startup gets the VIP treatment. We're here to support, energize, and celebrate every step of your journey. Let’s launch something amazing together—because your success is the biggest thrill of all for us!

Exclusive Benefits For Startups

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Turkcorp Power Program Requirements

  • Founded less than two years ago
  • Related to Technology, Blockchain, or Science
  • Hold most shares to yourself with low company funding from outside capital
  • Raised no more than $2MM USD in total funding


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